Lexington Estates First Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2004


Attendees: Scott Hundley, Eldin Leighton, Mark and Erin Summerfield, Ed Heberg, Larry Goldfarb, Diane Wiltshire and Kane Kanagawa


Open:  The meeting was held at the small conference room of the Great Falls Library.  The President, Scott Hundley, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm


Secretary’s Report:

  • The minutes of the April 6 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Paid the Sunrise Landscaping invoice for the Spring clean-up of the west entrance.
  • A disclosure packet was sold for 1023 Challedon Road.
  • 10408 Artemel paid their 2002 and 2003 outstanding dues, before legal proceedings were started.
  • 10516 Brevity had not responded to the Association’s letter requesting payment in 30 days, therefore lien proceedings were started by Troutman Sanders LLP.  The owner’s daughter has since responded by email, but was directed to Troutman Sanders LLP.
  • Ed raised the issue of whether LEXHOA is required (either by Fairfax County or by the Lexington Estates First Homeowners Association Bylaws and Covenants) to have our accounts audited.  Mark will be checking the Fairfax County and LEXHOA side and Scott will check with his CPA.

Architectural Review Board:

  • 10522 Brevity submitted their request for changing house color, permanent removal of shutters and some tree removal.  The color has been denied and the removal of the shutters has been approved.  By a separate letter, the ARB has asked the owners to mark the trees to be removed with ribbon, so that the owner can show his neighbors and the ARB.  The ARB will make a decision on this at a later date.
  • 10413 Shesue have painted their garage door without prior written approval from the ARB and they will be notified of the violation.
  • 1028 Challedon has moved their car from the lawn per Erin’s notification.
  • 10410 Artemel will be asked to remove the trailer from their lawn, as they are in violation of our Bylaws and Covenants.
  • 1005 Challedon requested approval for a spa.  The request from the ARB for the drawings has not been answered and he will email them again.  The ARB will also ensure the stone wall erected in the backyard was approved in the previous request.
  • 1086 Pensive has submitted drawings for an addition of a two-car garage.  The formal request in writing was received.  Larry Goldfarb, as Chairman of the ARB, visited with the homeowners and denied the request (also in writing) of the frontage of the design.  More design options were discussed and an option of storing the boat off-site was also discussed.  The homeowners submitted a new drawing, but the request from the ARB for color, brick type, panel type and amount of paving for a new portion of the driveway has not yet been submitted.   The ARB will again request this information.  The 30 day deadline for approval will not commence until all requested information has been received.
  • 1029 Challedon has requested the approval for removal of some dead and dying trees and window replacement; both were approved.  A caution of using one opaque window in the front of the property was given.
  • 1025 Challedon has requested the approval for new siding, replacement windows and some landscaping changes.  After neighbor approval and a review by the ARB of the drawings, all requests for change were approved.
  • Larry Goldfarb is looking into creating an ARB request form similar to those used by other homeowner associations.

Lands and Grounds Report:

  • Spring clean up is ready to go for Sunday, May 23 at 2:00pm.
  • Received estimates and drawings from Howard Landscapes for new work on the west entrance (Springvale/Brevity) and the new east entrance (Shesue at Pensive) to Lexington Estates.
  • Ed will get two more estimates from Sunrise and Sisson landscaping companies for the same work on the west entrance and the new east entrance.
  • Ed will get quotes from all three companies above for a new path near the new east entrance.

Community Area Development:

  • Scott and Jim are still working on acquiring prices for insurance to cover the new playground area.

Block Party:

  • Save-the-date flyers will be sent out before Memorial Day.
  • Scott did discuss using the Shesue pipe stem as an egress into the common area, as minimally as possible, with one of the homeowners.

Old Business:

  • Erin went around with the petition for the multi-way stop signs at Brevity and Challedon. She has 42 homeowners in favor of the multi-way stop and none against, thus far.  She will try to get the remaining three homeowners who live on that intersection to sign either for or against the new stop signs.
  • The final list of homeowners requesting driveway repairs/sealing went to Pro-Pave on April 20.  Erin spoke with Blake Musick during last week of May and Blake was planning on getting the estimates by the end of the week.   Erin emailed Blake on May 4 inquiring about progress, but hasn’t heard back.

New Business:

  • Nothing to report.


Close: The President adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm.



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