Lexington Estates First Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 19, 2004


Attendees: Eldin Leighton, Ed Heberg, Scott Hundley, Mark and Erin Summerfield, and Mohsen Grayeli


Open:  The meeting was held at the Great Falls Library in the small conference room and the President, Scott Hundley, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


Mohsen Grayeli, the owner of 10522 Brevity Drive, dropped by Erin Summerfield’s home sometime in June and showed a selection of three color swatches (all being of a beige color) for repainting his home.   Erin asked him to get his neighbors’ approval on a color and then to bring the color of choice to Larry Goldfarb, Chairman of the ARB.  Mohsen said he left the chosen color swatch at the Summerfield front door, as no one was home.  Erin and Mark never received the swatches.  Mohsen agreed to pick up another swatch, along with a color swatch for a new garage door and drop these off at Larry Goldfarb’s home.  He will proceed with arranging for the painting and installation of the new garage door, once the ARB has given approval.


Secretary’s Report:

  • The minutes of the June 1 meeting were reviewed, edited and approved.


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Received the current update of the lien proceedings against the owner(s) of 10516 Brevity processed by Troutman Sanders LLP.
  • The Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act requires an annual financial audit.  Mark and Scott will ensure this applies to us or could we perform an annual informal audit.
  • On June 30, 120 annual assessment invoices were sent out, as five had already pre-paid.  As of 6:00 pm on July 19, 2004, Mark has received 71 payments.
  • The owner of 10525 Brevity Drive wants to know exactly what the annual assessment fees are paying for.   Scott will inform her that by reviewing the minutes of the meetings online at our website and attending the January Annual General Meeting, she should be able to discover what the annual assessments cover.
  • Mark paid for additional copies of the LEXHOA Covenants and Bylaws, binders for disclosure packets, return address labels and Sunrise mowing services this last month.


Architectural Review Board:

  • Nothing to Report



Lands and Grounds Report:

  • Ed will request estimates from Sunrise (again, as they failed to submit one) and David Orozco for clean-up of front entrance (at Springvale) and mowing of the two common areas that are/were maintained by the neighboring homeowners.
  • It was brought to our attention by a homeowner that the area along Pensive near Shesue needs to be mowed and branches trimmed.  Larry Goldfarb has since taken care of this problem himself.  Ed will ensure that both sides of Pensive near Shesue (the East side is LEXHOA property and the West side is Fairfax County School Board property) are to be trimmed once a year with the landscaping company.
  • All bids have been received regarding the new pathway from Shesue Street onto the common area.  The project is on hold until an agreement is reached with the four homeowners of the Shesue pipe stem.
  • Ed has received estimates from Sunrise, WestView and Howard landscaping companies for some work on the west entrance and the new east entrance.  These will be discussed in the fall, due to watering concerns.
  • Mark or Erin will mow the common area off the Shesue pipe stem this weekend.


Community Area Development:

  • Scott filled out a survey for the insurance company to use for quoting a policy for LEXHOA and possibly, the new playground.
  • Mark will get copies of our current insurance LEXHOA policy to Scott, Eldin and Erin so they may get new quotes from different insurance companies, as our current policy holder is discontinuing policies on all homeowner associations.


Block Party:

  • A letter/contract has been approved to submit to the Shesue pipe stem homeowners, which will allow pedestrian access to the common area via the private pipe stem.


Old Business:

  • Thus far, four driveways have been sealed, but one owner is dissatisified and that is being addressed.  On 7/19, three driveways should have had new overlays or patch work completed.  There are two sealings and one overlay outstanding.
  • Erin spoke with someone at Joan DuBois’ office regarding the multi-way stop at Brevity and Challedon.  Ms. DuBois requires more than half of the homeowners on Challedon to sign the petition in favor of the new stop signs; Erin only needs six more signatures.  VDOT requires that the homeowners at 1004, 1005, 1007 and 1008 (Erin will be adding 1003), write an email or letter to Joan DuBois’ office explaining whether they are for or against the signs and that they are aware of the possible noise and exhaust pollution and also possible delays for entering and exiting their driveways.
  • A resolution policy for handling complaints against homeowners was drafted in 2002.  We are not sure if it was approved by the Board.  Erin will peruse the 2002 meeting minutes for confirmation.


New Business:

  • The owners of 10316 Shesue Street have sent a letter to the Board concerning several issues they would like to have addressed and also, the resignation of Paul Thorman as our Webmaster.  A letter was drafted and approved in response to their issues. 
  • Natco, Inc. has been approved to handle our web-hosting and website management.  Natco will charge the same fee as was offered to Paul Thorman only recently; Paul had managed the website for free prior to this.  We are also having difficulties with the current company which hosts our website and Natco will take over this hosting for free, for the duration of the existing contract.


Close: The President adjourned the meeting at 8:55pm.



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