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Lexington Estates First Homeowners Association

Board of= Directors Meeting Minutes

October = 5, 2004


Attendees: Scott Hundley, Eldin Leighton, Ed He= berg, and Mark and Erin Summerfield


Open:  The meeting was held at the Great Falls Library in the small conference room and the President, Scott Hundley, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


Secretary’s Report:


    Treasurer’s Report:

    •   There are only four outstandi= ng at this time.  Mark will fol= low up all remaining unpaid assessments with phone calls.

      Architectural Review Board:

      •   There hav= e been no complaints and one complement.
      •   No action will be taken, beca= use the complainant is anonymous and the homeowner in question was also not identified.


      Lands and Grounds Report:

      •   The bids will be compared, then a firm will be selected and the project will be started, hopefully prior to the November meeting.  A new sign/plantings for the = east entrance (Shesue and Pensive) will be put on hold this year.
      •   There is not enough room at 1091/1091-a.  Fairfax Cou= nty Park Authority (the portion next to 1092) will not permit the erection= of an entrance sign on their land, which might be seen as promoting our association.  Erin will check with the new homeowners at 1092 for their permission.


      Community Area Development:

      •   Jim and Scott will be canvass= ing the neighborhood door-to-door with the surveys to get prompt feedback.=   This issue, with all gathered information, will be presented at the January 2005 Annual General Meet= ing.


      Block Party:

      •   It was decided a rain date wo= uld be set and published in advance next year.  The Board expressed their tha= nks to all those who helped in the organizing, set-up and clean-up, especially Diane Wiltshire and Kane Kanagawa.


      Old Business:

      •   Erin will follow up with the homeowners to see whether the jobs were satisfactory.
      •   Erin will try contacting them again.


      New Business:

      •   These areas would normally be forested, but the neighbors have mown and/or cut back shrubs.  There have been instances, wh= ere branch trimming has been required; before the mowing of the common are= as, the trees would not have come into question.  This is not only an added exp= ense, but could open the association up to legal problems regarding homeowner safety.


      Close: T= he President adjourned the meeting at 8:46pm.


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